THE Market Street Revitalization Project

Decades ago, West Market Street - a main streetscape in York, flourished - served as a busy center for working, shopping, living, and entertainment. Sadly, several of the downtown buildings that once bustled with activity have sat vacant and deteriorating, adding blight and decay to the historically rich York City community.

Through the Market Street Revitalization Project, RSDC is helping York rebuild the West Market Street corridor, carrying out extensive renovation of some of the City's most prominent buildings.

The Vault Pizza & Grill - Addition 1990 Carlisle Ave.

Rupp Building 2 West Market Street

The Haines Building 101 East Market Street

2016-02-18 15.15.06.jpg

The Doll Building 337 West Market Street

Massage LuXe The Crossing at Conestoga Shopping Center, Lancaster

Old Forge Exterior.jpg

Old Forge Brewing 58 West Market Street

44 REVI Flats
44-50 West Market Street

23 REVI Flats 25-27 West Market Street

Former Weis Market
1071 South Edgar Street

Former Haines Hotel
7 West Philadelphia Street

                           9 REVI Flats                                                         


Insurance Services United


The Hamilton Building
31 South Duke Street

                        Offices of RSDC                                                       

56 South Duke Street

120 East King Street


                 18 South George Street                   


Historic Downtown York Train Station


121 North Beaver Street

Didi and Smiling John's Barber Shop &                                      Salon

Redeux Vintage and Handmade Marketplace


                   57 West Market Street                     National House Porch Restoration


Timeline Arcade


101 South Duke Street

            Royal Square Parking Lots                               

The Bond